Abnormal and Behavioural Psychology

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Yeswant Singh Vagrecha

Yeswant Singh Vagrecha

Yeswant Singh Vagrecha
School of Psychology
Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia


Yeswant Singh Vagrecha is a professor (clinical, counseling and health psychology) at the school of psychology, Addis Ababa University Ethiopia since year 2010. Prior to that Prof. Vagrecha worked on various teaching positions at Universities of Jodhpur, Gujarat and Sagar (all in India) and at Adama university (Ethiopia). At Sagar University he served for the longest period of 23 years and during his last tenure of eight years he worked as Professor of Clinical Psychology, Chair, Department of Psychology, Director, B.S Centre of Neuro Psychology and Counseling, Dean(S) Faculty of Social Sciences and of Education. As a young professional during his initial carrier he worked as Psychologist/ Clinical Psychologist at Mental Health Institution (S) And Rehabilitation Centre (S). He obtained his master’s degree in psychology from Jodhpur University, Clinical Psychology Training at Hospital for Mental Diseases, Ranchi University and Ph.D degree from MS University Baroda (All in India).

Research Interest

cultural syndrome, psychotherapy, rehabilitation, counseling, projective testing and other related with my CV contents.

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