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Are There Unconscious Influences on Judicial Decisions?

The Impact of Maternal Eating Disorders and Spousal support on Neurodevelopmental Trajectories in their Toddlers

Emotional Education and Employability among Higher Education Students

The Anger-Aggression Bidirectional-Causation (AABC) Models Relevancefor Dyadic Violence, Revenge, and Catharsis

Why Teenage Risk Taking Behavior is Going Too High?

Commentary on the Usefulness of Clinical Research

Contemporary Psychology and Psychiatry - The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)

Low Facing Dreams

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Anxiety Symptoms: An Updated Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Romanian Pathological Gambler’s Psychology- A Review

Observing the Effects of Mindfulness-Based Meditation on Anxiety and Depression in Chronic Pain Patients

The Challenges of Running a Clinical Trial on Psychology Research - Some Critical Topics

The Brain-Body-Microbial Communities: A Crosstalk and Stress Exchange Beyond the “Gut hypothesis”

Factors Affecting HIV Positive Status Disclosure among People Living with HIV in West Showa Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia; 2013

The Effectiveness of Stress Management Training on Hardiness in Patients with Breast Cancer

Social-Psychological-Health Predictors of Fondness of Arkenstone among Indonesians

Construct Validity of the Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale: Further Evidence Using Confirmatory Factor Analytic Approach

Possession Behaviour

Evaluation and Development of a Self-help Resource for Muslim Patients with Depression

Illicit Drugs among Crashed Drivers, A First Toxicological Investigation in Albania

Systems Psyche: Its Structure, Operation and Possible Molecular Links

Deeper Look in Professionals’ Happiness and Its Relation to Ethics

The Effect of Person-Centered Narrative Therapy on Happiness and DeathAnxiety of Elderly People

Surveying the Gap of Generation between Two Generations of Mothers and High School Girl Students in Bushehr City regarding their Commitment towards Religious Beliefs and Values

Parenting Style in Relation to Mental Health among Female Adolescents

Weaving the Future in Holistic Education: Key Principles and Implications for Serving Todays Troubled Youths and Families

Reversal of Hippocampus Atrophy in Advanced T2DM Patients under Restricted Glucose and Gluten-Free Diet and Exercise Regimen

Learning about the Scientific Method in an International Context: An Experiment with the Stroop Task

Why Young Patients with Cancer Require Different Coping Tools?

Dynamic Assessment: Mechanisms Underlying Cognitive Modifiability

EEG Correlation during Social Decision-making in Institutionalized Adolescents

Surveying the Role of Family Function and Curricular Self-Regulation in Curricular Burning out among Bushehr high School Students, Iran’s Aspect

Rumination and Academic Hardiness as Predicators of Suicidal Ideation among Nigerian Adolescents

Speech and Language Disorders in ADHD

Facebook Addiction Disorder: Is Facebook Really Addictive?

Clinical Application of Dynamic Gait Index-Brazilian Brief Version

The Brains of Problematic Online Game Users Seek Strong Sensation: An ERP Study on Problematic Online Game Users

Case Report of Steroid Resistant Hashimoto Encephalopathy Presenting with Non-Convulsive Status Epilepticus

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