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Vladimir I Vasilyev

Vladimir I Vasilyev

Vladimir I Vasilyev
Professor, Department of Computer Engineering and Information Security
Ufa State Aviation Techanical University, Russia


Education – Ufa Aviation Institute (1970), speciality – Industrial Electronics, qualification – Engineer.
Scientific degrees – Cand. Sc. (Ph. D.) – Ufa Aviation Institute (1975),
Dr. Sc. (Eng.) – Moscow, Central Institute of Aviation Motor-Building (1990).
Occupation – Ufa Aviation Institute (From 2002 – Ufa State Aviation Technical University, USATU):
Assistant (1970-1973), Junior Researche (1973-1975),Senior Lecturer (1975-1976),
Ass.-Professor (1976-1991),Professor (1991- till present),
Head of Dept. of Computer Engineering and Information Security (1995- till present).
Publications – 350 publications, including 11 books, 17 text-books, 60 papers in reviewed journals, 47 patents.

Research Interest

1.Intelligent control of complex dynamic objects – neurocontrol, fuzzy control, genetic algorithms, soft computing.
2.Monitoring and checking technical conditions of complex objects and systems with use of intelligent data processing technology (neuro-fuzzy algorithms)
3.Information security and reliability – Intrusion Detection Systems, Fault-Tolerance, Risk Analysis and Management, Cognitive Modeling.
4.Computational Intelligence – Neural Networks, Neuro-Fuzzy Decision Support Systems, Neurocomputers.


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