Journal of Biomedical Systems & Emerging Technologies

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Below are the list of articles published in Journal of Biomedical Systems & Emerging Technologies that have been cited by eminent researchers all around the world.

Physiological Responses on Greeting with Robot under Difference of Culture

Difference Delay Equation-Based Analytical Model of Hematopoiesis

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Case Definitions

Study on an Insulating Safeguard Based on DC Breakdown Voltages of Two Insulating Materials

Comparative Functional-Structural-Power-Sensing-Intelligence-Dynamic Task- Environmental Study of MIS Robotic Systems Complexity

Comparison of Pharmacokinetic Models for Hypnosis Control Based on Effect-Site Propofol Concentration to Maintain Appropriate Hypnosis

Recent Trends in Blood Glucose Control Studies

Gradient Curve of Cox Proportional Harzard and Weibull Models

Bioelectricity, Electrical Safety, and Electrostatics for Automatic Control of Physiological State and Function

Wearable Devices for Improved Health Care Systems Based on Biomedical Technology

Design and Simulation of a Low Signal Wireless Communication System: An Application to Biomedical Engineering

Test Methods for Measuring the Electrical Output of Electroshock Weapons

Epidemiology of Fatal Electrocutions in Japan 1992 to 1996

Artificial Intelligence and Neurology

Electroshock Weapon Measurements: Instrumentation Requirements and Limitations

Measurement and Consideration of the Breakdown Voltage in a MicroGap ESD

Programming and Managing Mechatronic Hydrocephalus Shunt: System and Method

Directional Flow Control with Multi-Electrode System Microplasma Actuator

Emergence of Automated Computing Technologies in Biomedical Disease and Drug Discovery

Method on Pattern Recognition of Various Limb Postures

About Molecular and Structural Bases of Life Organization

Human-Body Impedance and Electric Shock

About Mechanics of Influence of Infrasound on Living Organism

Spiralization in the Construction and Development of Bio-Systems

Investigation of Effective UVA1 Peak Wavelength Range to Application on Phototherapy

Electrical Fatality Rate and Epidemiology of Electrocutions in Japan, 2012-2014

The New Method for Bacterial Sterilization by Using UVA1 Range Light Emitting Diode

Electrostatically Induced Voltage in Two Metal Cases When a Charged Object Moves Away From and Passes by Cases

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Editorial Note on Biomedical systems and Emerging Technologies

Editorial note on vaccines & Emerging Diseases


A Short Note on Bioelectricity

Journal on Radiology

Artificial skin: An overview

Short Note on Robotics

A Concise Note on Pathology

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