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Visnja Gaurina Srcek

Visnja Gaurina Srcek

Visnja Gaurina Srcek
Associate Professor, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology
University of Zagreb, Croatia


Dr. sc. Visnja Gaurina Srcek is Associate Professor in Department for Biochemical Engineering, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb, Croatia where she teaches and mentors undergraduate and doctoral students. She received her M. the field of Toxicology and Ph.D in the field of Biotechnology at the University of Zagreb. Her scientific interests are:production of biologically active compounds using animal cell technology; metabolism of animal cells in culture and application of in vitro cell cultures intoxicology. Currently,she is involved in projects studying cytotoxicity effects of environmental samples and ionic liquids as green replacements for volatile solvents.

Research Interest

Animal cell technology, Ecotoxicology, Green Solvents (ionic liquids, deepeutectic solvents), In vitro toxicology

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