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Tsviya Olender

Tsviya Olender

Tsviya Olender
Department of Molecular Genetics
Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel


Dr. Tsviya Olender has a PhD in physical chemistry from the Weizmann Institute. In 1999, she joined the group of Prof. Lancet as a postdoc and continued on as a research associate. Her research focuses on the genetics of human olfaction and the genetics of rare diseases using computational tools. Together with Prof. Lancet, she has played a key role in discovering olfactory receptor genes from humans and other mammals, and developed the human OR data explorer (HORDE) database. She is also involved in developing tools for deciphering disease-causing mutations. Dr. Olender has a reach experience with the most up-to-date bioinformatics tools such as tools for next-generation sequence analysis and she is involved in the studies of human disease. Since January 2016, Dr Tsviya Olender is also the bioinformatician of the molecular genetics department, where she is involved in projects such as studies of ALS genetics, and autism genetics.

Research Interest

Molecular Genetics,Single Nucleotide Polymorphism

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