Journal of Genetics and Genomes

ISSN: 2684-4567

Open Access

Barbara Pardini,
Italian Institute for Genomic Medicine - IIGM, Italy

About Us

“Journal of Genetics and Genomes” publishes peer-reviewed research work on the discoveries and current developments in the field of Genetics relating to all the domains of life, from humans to plants to livestock and other model organisms, headed by pre-eminent Editorial Board to ensure article quality and to provide unbiased and efficient publishing process.

Journal of Genetics and Genomes publishes Original research, Review articles, Case reports, Short communications, Mini reviews, Book reviews, etc., aimed at encapsulating the latest knowledge that synthesizes new theories and methodologies in the field of Genetics (Genomics, Epigenetics, Chromatin Biology, Genetics and Evolution, Gene Therapy, Cancer Genetics, Applied Genetics, Pharmacogenomics, Functional Genomics, Immunogenetics, Plant Breeding, Plant genetics, Plant physiology, Plant pathology, Plant development, Genetic Epidemiology, Clinical Informatics, Public Health Genetics, Developmental Genetics, Cytogenetics, Population Genetics, Biochemical Genetics, Human Genetics, Medical Genetics, Behavioural and Psychiatric Genetics, Genetics of Aging, Neurogenomics, Genomic Endocrinology, Systems Biology, Statistical Genetics and Methodology, Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Genomic Assay Technology, Toxicogenomics, Nutrigenomics, Pharmacogenetics and Epigenomics and Epigenetics, RNA, Stem Cell Research).


The team of the “Journal of Genetics and Genomes” takes immense pride in providing an encouraging platform to the scientists for sharing their valuable research in all the areas of Genetics making them freely available online without any restrictions or any subscription to the researchers worldwide.

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