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Syed Zamberi Bin Ahmad

Syed Zamberi Bin Ahmad

Syed Zamberi Bin Ahmad
Abu Dhabi University, UAE


Syed Zamberi Ahmad holds a Ph.D from the Hull University of Business School (HUBS), United Kingdom. He is currently an Associate Professor of International Business and Entrepreneurship Management at Abu Dhabi University, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Prior to entering academia, Dr. Ahmad’s had several years’ industrial experience in the Treasury and International Banking Division of several reputable banks in Malaysia. Before joining University of Abu Dhabi, Dr. Ahmad served as a faculty member at several universities in Malaysia, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia.

Research Interest

His research interests include firm evolution and growth strategies including alliance, market entry and internationalisation strategies of SMEs and multinational firms. His research interests also focusing in the areas of entrepreneurial management, entrepreneurship education and small business strategies.

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