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Suliman Abdallah Alsagaby

Suliman Abdallah Alsagaby

Suliman Abdallah Alsagaby
Department of Medical Laboratories
Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia


He has been selected by different ISI Journals and research funding bodies as a review  to evaluate research proposals and research studies prior to publication.

1- Journal of Frontiers in Microbiology: ISI Journal, Impact Factor = 4.16
2- Journal of Proteomics: ISI Journal, Impact Factor = 3.86
3- Journal of Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences: ISI Journal 4- Journal of Oncology & Hematology Review

Research Interest

He is interested in conducting research concerning molecular cancer in an attempt to deepen our understanding about the molecular pathology of malignant diseases. Advanced molecular biology approaches like proteomics and transcriptomics

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