Journal of Biomedical Systems & Emerging Technologies

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Sofia Pantelio

Sofia Pantelio

Sofia Pantelio
Associate Professor, Machine Design Laboratory, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics
University of Patras, Greece


Sofia Panteliou 1977-1978 Professor (Technical Schools Aegion, Greece). 1978-1979 Professor (Technological Educational Institute, Patras). 1979 Visiting graduate student, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Imperial College, London. 1977-1984 Assistant, DMEA, UOP. 1984-1998 Lecturer, DMEA, UOP. 1988-1994 Member of Technical Committee ΤΕ35 of Greek Standardization Office (Solar Energy National Standards). 1992 National Representative of Technical Committee ISO for Solar Energy. 1992-1994 Technical Expert for Car repair and Maintenance, Responsible for Design-Assessment of training modules (Euroqualification-ΕUROFORM). 1994-now Design and Development of Mechanical and Biomedical Systems. 1994-1996 Visiting Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A.. 1998-2003 Assistant Professor, DMEA, UOP. 2003-now Associate Professor, DMEA, UOP. 2007-2009 Construction Division Director, DMEA, UOP. 2000-2001 and 2010-2011 DMEA Senate elected-representative, UOP. 2003-now Hellenic NARIC, Academic Consultant. 2009-now Health-Safety Committee member, UOP. 2009-now Collaboration between Johns Hopkins University and UOP, committee member. 2003-now Greek Engineers Technical Chamber and Courts, technical expert. Conference Scientific-Organizing Committees member.

Research Interest

• Dynamic behavior of thermo mechanical continua. Design of mechanical and biomedical systems. Product design. • Methodology including device for assessment of structural integrity. Crack propagation and change in porosity can be identified. The method applies in quality control and monitoring of dynamic behavior of structures made out of conventional materials, ceramics, composites, etc. (i.e. aircraft design, porous materials, monitoring of bone fracture healing and metabolic bone diseases (i.e. osteoporosis)). The method\'s results are advantageous in comparison to those acquired with all conventional methods. Extensive series of measurements have been performed on structures as well as on human and various kind of animal bones in vivo and in vitro. The same methodology is used for assessment of the effectiveness of drug therapy administered for metabolic bone diseases. • Methodology as assessment tool for mandible bone quality, enabling for dental implants decision making. Dedicated measuring device has been designed and constructed, accompanied by application in vitrο on human mandibles with promising results. • Definition of technical and functional characteristics of rotating dental tools in order to establish technical criterion for bolt insertion during opening the root canal without breaking the bolt in the tooth. The research target is the definition of functional limits of rotating Ni-Ti tools in order to avoid fracture, for cost elimination purposes and in order to avoid the fractured part to remain in the root canal during endodontic therapies. • Methodology for objective assessment of mechanical properties of the prostate gland, in replacement of the subjective Digital Rectal Examination (DRE). Dedicated measuring device and genuine algorithm have been developed, with which geometric and stiffness mapping of the gland can be achieved enabling for assessment of size and stiffness of the gland. The method can be used for objective diagnosis of hyperplasia and prostate cancer, as well as for assessment of the effect of pharmaceutical treatment (hyperplasia) and for acquirement of biopsy material (prostate cancer) from minimum number of selected points of the gland in comparison to greater number of points as anticipated from the relevant medical protocol. Clinical application has been performed with very promising results. The device is in the form of research prototype. • Mapping of vagina stiffness in order to establish decision making protocol for drug administer to face vagina dryness. • Assessment of cartilage structural integrity, which is expected to reveal new indices for cartilage quality during its cooperation with bone and independently, enabling for osteoarthritis diagnosis.


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