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Shariat Mobasser

Shariat Mobasser

Shariat Mobasser
Engineering Faculty, Environmental Lab, Civil and Structural department
National University of Malaysia, Malaysia


Dr Shariat Mobasser has received her PhD (Civil and Environmental Engineering) from National University of Malaysia and her Msc (Soil chemistry) from Karaj Agriculture University (Tehran). She was top student in her Msc studies. She has worked on her PhD thesis under supervision of Prof. Taha since 2009. She has good experience in soil and water remediation, and cleanup of organic and inorganic contaminant using Nano materials such as carbon nano tube, Nano clay, Nano alumina, and Geo-Environmental Engineering projects and also, Soil and Water experiments. Her PhD research focused on cleanup of organic contaminant from residual soil using Nano materials while her master’s research focused on investigation of critical levels of zinc and potassium in calcareous soils. Dr shariat Mobasser graduated from agriculture university of Gorgan. Her major is soil science. Fortunately, during her PhD studies, she has published several high quality papers.

Research Interest

Removal Organic contaminant using nanomaterials in contaminated soils and water
Developing novel treatment systems to remove organics in drinking water systems
Detection and exposure assessment to engineered Nanomaterials in the environment
Functionalization of Nanomaterials
Using Nanomaterials to improvement soil and water qualities.
Application of nanotechnology in medical science and drug delivery

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