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Seyyed shamsadin Athari

Seyyed shamsadin Athari

Seyyed shamsadin Athari
Faculty of Medicine, Department of Immunology
Zanjan University of Medical Sciences, Zanjan, Iran

Research Interest

Seyyed shamsadin Athari is currently a faculty of medicine in the department of immunology Zanjan University of Medical Sciences Zanjan, Iran.He published more than 50 research papers.He is a Editorial Board of International Journal of Clinical Immunopathology & Immunology,Global Journal of Microbiology and Molecular Sciences,American Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences,Global Journal of Respiratory Care,International Journal of Scientific Research in Knowledge,Journal of International Experts,World Journal of Animal Science Research,World Journal of Developing Country Education & Research,World Journal of Scientific Research and Reviews,International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical Controls etc.

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