Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry

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Saugata Datta

Saugata Datta

Saugata Datta
Associate Professor, Department of Chemical HydroGeology
University of Calcutta, India


Saugata Datta's research expertises are in: hydrogeology, low temperature geochemistry, water resources, envrionmental sciences. Dr Datta studies trace element (nutrient and toxins) and oxyanion migration and contamination in the environment, especially in groundwaters and surface waters, urban air particulates, underground subway microenvironments, and unproductive soil environments using hydrological, geochemical and modelling tools including synchrotron spectroscopy and synchrotron aided material science studies. Dr Datta's expertise is also in geochemical implications of CO2 sequestration studies. Dr Datta studies environmental problems in USA, Australia, Argentina and in other developing countries like India and Bangladesh.

Research Interest

Aqueous Geochemistry & Hydrogeology
Trace Element Biogeochemistry in Waters
Groundwater Contamination and Assessment
Isotope Geochemistry and Urban Waters
Geologic Carbondioxide Storage and Drinking Water Security
Critical Zone Processes and Chemical Weathering
Societal Impacts of Environmental Pollution

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