Neurological Disorders

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Roger J. Pomerantz

Roger J. Pomerantz

Roger J. Pomerantz, MD, FACP
Adjunct Professor of Neuroscience, Global Head of the Infectious Diseases Franchise Merck Research Laboratories Merck and Company, Inc., USA


Dr. Roger J. Pomerantz received his B.A. and M.D. at the Johns Hopkins. He completed his Medicine internship and residency training, and his subspecialty clinical and research training in Infectious Diseases and Virology at the Massachusetts General Hospital of the Harvard Medical School, and served as the Chief Medical Resident at. His post-doctoral research training in Molecular Retrovirology was obtained at the Whitehead Institute of MIT. He was an endowed, tenured Professor of Medicine, Biochemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, Chief of Infectious Diseases, at the Thomas Jefferson University.

Dr. Pomerantz joined Johnson & Johnson, Inc. in 2005 as the President of Tibotec Pharmaceuticals, Inc. During Dr. Pomerantzs tenure as President of Tibotec, the company launched 6 anti-infective drugs world-wide.

In 2010, Dr. Pomerantz was recruited to Merck & Co., Inc., as Global Head of the Infectious Diseases Franchise and Senior Vice President, and was promoted to Worldwide Head of Licensing & Acquisitions.

Research Interest

Neurovirology and Viral Latency, Virology


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