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R.K. Singhal

R.K. Singhal

R.K. Singhal
Head, Analytical Spectroscopy Section, Departrment of Analytical Chemistry Division
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India


Dr. R.K. Singhal Head Analytical Spectroscopy Section of Analytical Chemistry Division of Bhabha Atomic Research Center, India is responsible for development of analytical spectroscopic techniques for the measurement of traces of various elements in different environmental matrices and samples originating from different chemical processes involved in the nuclear fuel fabrication and other allied fields. He has passed BARC Training School (32nd Batch) from Chemistry stream. He has obtained his master degree in chemistry from I.I.T. Delhi and Ph.D. (Chemistry) from Mumbai University in 1996. Dr Singhal contributed significantly in studying the impacts of natural nanoparticles in the migration of environmental level of transuranic and other trace metals in aquatic subsurface environment. He has also worked for one year in the European Commission Project on "Thorium Cycle as waste management option (EC-contract F141-CT95-011)" at Institute de Physics, Orsay, University of Paris, France. Most of the research work conducted by him is concerned with various aspects of impact assessment of controlled releases from nuclear facilities and concentrates on Environmental Chemodynamics i.e the fate and transport of contaminants and pollutants ( Radioactive and None Radioactive) within the environment. Dr Singhal has authored more than 150 publications in International & national Journals, Symposium and Book Chapters, in the field of environmental & radioanalytical chemistry

Research Interest

Radioanalytical chemistry, Environmental chemistry

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