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Rasha Khalil Al-Saad

Rasha Khalil Al-Saad

Rasha Khalil Al-Saad
Lecturer in Missan Medical College
Missan University, Iraq


Master Degree of Science in Veterinary Medicine / College of Veterinary Medicine / University of Basra in 03/06/2014 3/13/5986 collectors is very good

Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine / University of Basra 22/8/2006 ordered collectors 3/13/8573

TOEFL ITP Education College / University of Basra / 2011

Certificate of Proficiency adult foreign language foreign Center / College of Arts / University of Basra 5/9/2005

IC3 center of electronic calculators / University of Basra in 2011

Research Interest

Research published :

Determine the zoonotic Giardia between human and cows by nested PCR technique in Basrah, Iraq. 2013 JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL ACADEMIC RESEARCH FOR MULTIDISCIPLINARY JIARM / India

Journal of Veterinary Research Basra, Iraq

Epidemiological Comparative Study on Giardia Between Human and Cow in Basrah, Iraq, 2014 International Journal of Innovation and Applied Studies (IJIAS), Morocco

USA, journal of infectious diseases and therapy

International journal of biological research, Germany

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