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Molecular histology, which predominantly consists of ISH tests, captures several different areas of testing including molecular cytogenetics or study of chromosomes, related techniques for the detection of pre- and post-natal genetic disorders, cancer testing, and the detection of pathogens or pathogenic activity from tissues and blood cultures. Medical physiology is field of science in which we study the various systems of the body from a molecular level through integrated functioning as it relates to the whole being. Generally, the term medical physiology applies to human beings. However, the science of physiology applies equally to all living things.

Journal of Molecular Histology and Medical Physiology is under the process of accepting the articles from the experts in the field of Molecular Histology And Medical Physiology for the upcoming issue of the journal with considerable Publication Charges. This is an opportunity to share your work in this field of physical chemistry, Physiology of Cell, Cancer Cell, Cytology, Chromogen and it is our honor to invite you to contribute your Research, Review, Case report, Commentary, Short communication, Mini Review and Clinical image articles for publication in our upcoming issue.

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