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Rabiul Ahasan

Rabiul Ahasan

Rabiul Ahasan, PhD
Professor, Department of Industrial Safety & Ergonomics
Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, Saudi Arabia


After failure of establishing a community college in Winnipeg (, Dr. Ahasan initiated a rural development project in B'desh paired with multiple community services ( His failure and success never stop him for travelling around and getting knowledge of hardship. In 2001, he left Finland with Scandinavian memories of loss & gain ( In 2002, he was funded for conducting postdoc training ( on prolonged sitting dynamics at École Polytechnique de Montreal ( In 2004, he delivered lecturers as SafetyNet Chair at Memorial University ( In 2010, his application for rezoning his college property in Canada ( was appeared for public hearing. Later on, he was summoned for attending as a JUROR at the Sittings of Her Majesty's Court of Queens Bench in Manitoba for the trial of criminal matters. As an academic, Dr. Ahasan taught human factors at U_Concordia, workplace safety at U_Manitoba & BUHS (Dhaka). He is affiliated with Oulu University (Finland), Lincoln University College (Selangor) & AIUB ( As a consultant, he attended meetings for initiating biomedical engineering program at JUST ( For sometime, he was looking after operational errors of 6-share core cutting machine, and conducting safety audits at EnergyPac Engineering Ltd. In 2016, Dr Ahasan was invited to join as a visiting professor of Monash University (Australia) for evaluating pilot seating in military aircraft. In 2017, his offer to join as a full professor at King Abdulaziz University ended up with no joining due to delayed authentication process of his credentials. Other than teaching undergraduate courses & supervisory of graduate interns, he is currently on the scientific & accreditation committee of KSU's Department of Industrial Engineering. His research group (RG 1441-445) has been approved by KSU's Deanship of Research. His previous research projects ( can be viewed at http// ISI listed publications ( can be found by searching the Web of Science ResearcherID AAH-7266-2019 & ORCID 0000-0003-0667-7525. As an editor-in-chief, he volunteers for the Journal of Defense Studies & Resources Management (, International Journal of Ergonomics (, Journal of Defense Management ( & other SCOPUS listed Journals ( A comprehensive curriculum vitae will be available on request.

Research Interest

Occupational Safety and Health, Industrial Ergonomics, Kinesiology, Biomedical Sciences

Recommended Conferences


New York, USA

World Biotechlogy Congress 2020

Barcelona, Spain


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