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Rabindra Nath Das

Rabindra Nath Das

Rabindra Nath Das
Department of Statistics
University of Burdwan, India


Teaching Experiences: 25 YEARS

Graduate Levels, 15years: In Master's Degree Level Statistics courses, I have been teaching Design of Experiments, Linear Models, Regression Analysis, Statistical Data Analysis, Sample Survey, Sampling Distributions, Inference, Reliability theory, Epidemiology, Survival Analysis, Clinical Trials etc. In Master's Degree Zoology, Environmental Science, and Diploma courses of Population Studies courses of Burdwan University, I have taught respectively, Bio-statistics, Environmental Statistics and Demography and Basic Statistics.

Under Graduate Levels, 2 years): I have taught Statistics Honours (Descriptive Statistics, Probability Theory, Sampling Distributions, Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis, Econometrics, etc.) and Statistics Pass (Descriptive Statistics, Probability Theory, Sampling Distributions, Econometrics) courses.

Research specialisation:

Theoretical Statistics:

• Response Surface Design of Experiments (Rotatability & Slope-rotatability)
• Block Design of Experiments
• Regression Analysis
• Demography,
• Quality Engineering
• Generalized Linear Models (GLMs) and joint GLMs

Applied Statistics:

• Quality & reliability improvement experiments,
• Civil Engineering,
• Environmental Sc.,
• Genetics,
• Hydrogeology,
• Bio-statistics,
• Medical Sciences,
• Epidemiology on Thyroid disease, Liver disease, Diabetes, Carcinoma, Cardiovascular disease, etc.

Research Interest

Response Surface Design of Experiments (Rotatability & Slope-rotatability),Block Design of Experiments, Regression Analysis, Demography, Quality Engineering

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