Journal of Coronary Heart Diseases

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Shigenori Ito, Director, Division of Cardiology
Sankuro Hospital, Japan

KM Cherian, Chairman and CEO
International Center for Cardio Thoracic & Vascular Diseases, India

About the Journal

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The Journal of Coronary Heart Diseases is an open access Journal committed to publish seminal research in the diagnosis, management, treatment, and prevention of Coronary Heart Diseases. Prevention and timely treatment of these diseases is critical as they might lead to angina, stroke, heart failure, heart attack, and even cardiac arrest.

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The Journal, therefore, places the special impetus on studies associated with investigating cardiac anatomy and physiology, and studies investigating the etiology, pathophysiology, and epidemiology of coronary heart disease.

Studies dealing with molecular genetics, genomics, systems biology, proteomics, metabolomics, and novel biomarkers of cardiovascular disease that might enhance our understanding of the disease pathophysiology are very welcome.

The Journal of Coronary Heart Diseases especially welcomes manuscripts discussing: Development of novel imaging techniques for the diagnosis of Coronary Heart Diseases; Development of novel Cardiovascular Interventions; Cardiac regeneration using stem-cells; Identification of genes involved in cardiac development and disease; Development of animal models of cardiac diseases; Identification of cardiovascular risk factors; Cardiac electrophysiology; Cardiac medicine; and Cardiac surgery. 

The scope of the Journal is not limited to Coronary Heart Diseases alone; studies dealing with other cardiac diseases such as: Congenital heart disease and Cardiac arrhythmia are also considered.


The Journal of Coronary Heart Diseases holds a special position in the scientific publishing milieu by relaying expert knowledge to cardiologists, cardio-thoracic surgeons, clinical cardiac perfusionists, cardiovascular technicians, and research scholars working in the fields of cardiology, heart disease, cardiovascular genetics, and stem-cell biology.

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The Journal of Coronary Heart Diseases has brought together an experienced Editorial Board, comprising of illustrious researchers in the field. All manuscripts are subject to a stringent peer-review process. In addition to research articles, the Journal also publishes high-quality Commentaries, Perspectives, Case Reports, and Reviews of pivotal significance. The Journal thus maintains the highest standards in terms of content quality, originality, and comprehensiveness. The team at the Journal of Coronary Heart Diseases endeavors to provide the authors with an unbiased and efficient editorial platform and facilitate rapid publication of submitted manuscripts. 

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Submit manuscript at Online Submission and Review Tracking System or send as an attachment at:  [email protected]



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