Mental Disorders and Treatment

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Prachi Srivastava

Prachi Srivastava

Prachi Srivastava
Executive Editor
Asstt. Professor
Amity University, Uttar Pradesh, India


Prachi Srivastava, work was focused on the biochemical assays. Involvement of free radicals has been monitored in different ocular disorders like Eales’ Uveitis and Diabetic retinopathy. Different parameters like LPO, GSH, SOD, Catalase etc. were estimated by using standard protocols. Further therapeutic aspects of antioxidant “Ridage” (commercial available antioxidants) and Curcumin (A natural herbal antioxidant) were also observed. All studies were carried out in platelets. It was predicted during the study that platelets could be used as an effective model to monitor the oxidants-anti-oxidant status in such disease conditions at follow up treatment. Stepping in the career of Bioinformatics she have gone through different database developments. Other in silico identified areas were Gene identifications and expression analysis, proteins secondary to tertiary structure prediction studies, Insilico characterization, Molecular Docking, Microarray data analysis and nanobioinformatics.

Research Interest

Biotechnology,Bioinformatic, Science and Technology Development

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