Mental Disorders and Treatment

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CMV Encephalitis with Brain Stem Involvement without Evidence of CMVRetinitis two Weeks after Initiation of Art

A Descriptive Study of Nurses' Happiness at Shahid Sadoughi Hospital,Iran

Inheritance in OCD in Moslems

Some Effective Factors for Diagnostic and Treatment of DisorderedBehaviors with Reporting Treated Cases

Rare Case Report-Presacral Ganglioneuroma with Lymphadenopathy

Limitations of Research on Psychosis in Childhood and Adolescence:Current Controversies and Future Directions

Behavioural Modification and Classroom Management Skills as Protective Factors against Mental Health Problems in Teachers: A Synthesis of Research

Knowledge, Attitude and Factors Associated with Mental Illness amongNurses Working in Public Hospitals, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Does Homicide Influence Psychiatric Hospitalization to a Mental Health Facility? A Mathematical Approach

Impact of Drug Addiction on Mental Health

The Enigma of Childhood the Profound Impact of the First Years of Life on Adults as Couples and Parents

The Need for Research on Intellectual Disabilities and Severe Psychiatric Disorders in Children and Adolescents

The Role of Healthy Narcissism in Relating Emotionally to Familiarity andthe Unknown

Academic Stress and Internet Addiction among Adolescents: Solution Focused Social Interest Programme as Treatment Option

Intermittent Fasting as a Novel Treatment Approach for Patients Treated with Atypical Antipsychotics

Introduction of a New, Contemporary, and Developmentally Flexible Mindfulness Metaphor

Vicarious Trauma in Mental Health Professionals Following the 9/11 Terrorist Attacks

Dopamine: Receptors, Functions, Synthesis, Pathways, Locations and Mental Disorders: Review of Literatures

Undergraduate Nursing Students' Mental Health and Psychiatric Clinical Experience and Their Career Choice in Nursing: Perspectives from the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria

Carbamazepine Induced Generalised Erythematous Rash in a Patient ofBipolar Affective Disorder - Case Report

The Particularity of the Process of Communication of Children with Disabilities

The African Burden of Mental Health

Conceptualizing Pediatric Feeding Disorder from an Anxiety Disorders Perspective

The Square of Perceived Action Model as a Tool for Identification,Prevention and Treatment of Factors Deteriorating Mental Health at Work

Role of Ethnography in Exploring Mental Health Experiences of Female Muslim Immigrant Youths

Remembering and Emphasizing the Distinction between Prevention and Treatment

Validating a Measure of Ethnic Identity in Afro-Caribbean American Students

Needs Assessment for Development of a Mental Health Curriculum forVillage/Lay Health Workers to Manage Caregiver Burden in Zimbabwe

Effects of Observation on the Psychotherapeutic Process Revisited: Brief Report

Increasing the Clinical Utility of the Stroop Color-Word Test through Process Analysis

Developmental Disabilities and Intentional Communities: Creating Liveswith Meaning

Systematic Review on Prevalence for Autism Spectrum Disorder with Respect to Gender and Socio-Economic Status

Fahr’s Disease Presenting as Bipolar Affective Disorder - Case Report

Prevalence of Emotional and Behavioral Problems among Adolescence and Some Risk Factors

Maternal Postpartum Depression and Infant Psychomotor Development: Descriptive Study of a Population Hospitalized in the Mother and Baby Unit

The Neurobiology of a New Idea – or The Death Instinct, Revisited

Mental Disorders are Not Real: Using Skepticism and Critical Thinking to Challenge Key Myths in the Science of Mental Health

Existential/Humanistic Treatment Modalities for Counseling Returning Combat Veterans

Evolution of Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms and Quality of Life throughout a Cognitive Behavioral Treatment for Workplace Trauma Victims

Evaluation of a Short-term Humanistic Programme for Anger Traits Reduction: A Preliminary Study

Sleep Problems of Older People in Bangladesh

Autism as an Infantile Post-trauma Stress Disorder: A Hypothesis

Societal Implications of the Uniform Proxemic Distance on the Internet,the Example of the Pseudonyms

From Status of Experts to Status of Surfers: A New Approach of Social Practices on the Internet

Genetics in Suicide Treatments, Modern Diagnosis Establishments

The Effect of Pottery Therapy on Heart Rate Variability in College Students with Mental Health Problems

Worldwide Implications of Parental Love and Lack of Love on Children’s and Adults’ Psychological Adjustment and Maladjustment: Meta-analytic Evidence

Play Skills in Toddlers with Autism Spectrum Disorder within Their Natural Environments

The Relationship between Attachment, Depression, and Anxiety in Juveniles with Sexual Behavior Problems

College Students’ Attitudes towards Traditional and Nontraditional Parenting Roles: A Replication and Extension

The Child PTSD Symptom Scale in Abused Children: Criteria for Diagnosis

The Effectiveness of Human Validation Process Model Training on Couples’ Marital Satisfaction

Macro Biophysical Physiological Neuropsychotherapy: Theory and Practice

The Challenges of Psychiatric Nursing Specialty: Education and Practice in Nigeria

Working Mothers Satisfaction: The Influence of Time Demands and Time- Based Conflict

The Diagnosis of ADHD in Children with Language Delay in Saudi Arabia: The Impacts and Consequences

Variability on the Spectrum: A Self-Monitoring Single-Case Design Study for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Attentional Deficits

Human Suicide Risk Study and Treatment: A Mathematical Approach

A Structural Model Predicting Arab American's Attitudes towards Mental Health Services from Ethnic Identity, Acculturation, and Spirituality

Analysis of Mental Health Indicators of Refugees in Supporting Cultural Environments in European Countries

A Study to Ascertain the Effectiveness of a Local DBT Program, Using a Pre-Post Design Model, for Clients in South Kerry Catchment Area of Kerry Mental Health Services (KMHS)

Epidemiology of Substance Abuse in Bangladesh: A Narrative Review

Challenges and Coping Strategies for Parents with Autistic Children

Breaking the Depression Deadlock- Rethinking Depression Globally

Locating Existence and Cure of ‘Seven Sins of Narcissism’ in Esteban Trueba from ‘The House of Spirits’ (Isabella Allande)

Assessing Awareness, Beliefs and Attitudes of Population towards Psychiatric Diseases in Al-Ahsa City: Cross Sectional Study

Blood Group System Connection with Depression

Improving Antidepressant Treatment Adherence among Homeless Population: A Review of Possible Interventions

Euro Mental Health 2019: Rehabilitation issues - Nick Schouten- Neuropsychiatry GGzE Eindhoven

Euro Mental Health 2019: Reducing risk of mental health problems in mothers served in neonatal intensive care nurseries: nurses' communication skills as a key variable- George H. S. Singer- California State University

Euro Mental Health 2019: Impact of Insomnia on Optimism: A Predictor Factor among Young Adults in Indian Context- Aprajita Jayaswal- Amity University

Euro Mental Health 2019: Recovery for all in the community; position paper on principles and key elements of community-based mental health care- Rene Keet- GGZ-Noord-Holland-Noord

Euro Mental Health 2019: System therapeutic principles in working with psychosis- Davy Dries- Ghent University Hospital

Brain Disorders: Prevalence, predictors and triggers of migraine headache among medical students and interns in King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia- Afnan Khalid Alotaibi- King Abdulaziz University

Brain Disorders: Involvement of D1/D2 dopamine receptors within the nucleus accumbens and ventral tegmental area in the development of sensitization to antinociceptive effect of morphine- Leila Zarepour- Iran University of Medical Science

Brain Disorders: The effect of EMF on behavior manifestation of seizure activity in genetically epilepsy-prone rats- Nato Bukia- Ivane Beritashvili Center of Experimental Biomedicine

Brain Disorders: Nutritional status and macronutrients adequacy of some traumatic brain injury patients attending a specialized unit in the state of Qatar- Ghazi Daradkeh-Al Khor Hospital

Brain Disorders: Multiple Sclerosis, corpus callosum and bedside test- Khin Maung Bo- Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust

Euro Mental Health 2017- Exposure to Suicide at Work: How to Manage Incidents and Support Staff and Consumers- Cheryl Staal-Enhance Supervision and Training

Euro Mental Health 2017- Patient-doctor concordance of perceived mental health service needs in Chinese hospitalized patients: a cross-sectional study- Zihan Liu, Mental Health Center of West China Hospital

Mental Health 2017- The Influence of Music with Children at Risk in a Hospital Context: Music Therapy Program at the Hospital La Paz from Madrid (Spain)- María Jesús del Olmo- Autonoma University

Euro Mental Health 2017- Menâ??s recovery from schizophrenia in northern Nigeria- Bello Utoblo- Leeds Beckett University

Euro Mental Health 2017- Improving Outcomes for Criminal Offenders with Serious Mental Illness- Lorena Fulton- Ohio University Zanesville

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