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Nwankwo Norbert

Nwankwo Norbert

Nwankwo Norbert
Wilson N. Jones Regional Medical Center, USA


Norbert Nwankwo is the inventor of Computer-Aided Drug Resistance Calculator. It was proposed in Norbert's PhD Thesis,“Signalprocessing-based bioinformatics methodsforcharacterization and identificationofbio-functionalities of proteins” and a publication, Nwankwo N SekerH,"A Digital Signal Processing Bioinformatics technique to assessing Drug Resistance: HIV as a case study". A functional Calculator was later developed and submitted for patentas“ Computer Aided Drug Resistance Calculator: Calculating Drug Resistance using Amprenaviras Case Study”. Patent Publication has been made (free patentsonline, patentencyclopedia etc). Norbert holds B.Pharmacy and has completed the academic requirement for MPhil/PhDinBio-informatics from De MontfortUniversity,Leicester,UK. Norbert developed:

1.Computer-Aided Drug Resistance Calculator (Patent Publication No:US2015/0370964).

2.Computer-Aided DruggabilityDetector(JBioinfComSysBio.,2016).



5.Computer-AidedDrugPotencyDecoder(JBioengineer&BiomedicalSci,2015). Norbertlooks forward to establishing a CenterforCalculation ofBiological Functionalities.

Research Interest

Norbert’s documented researches entail protein sequence analysis using three Bioinformatics procedures. These procedures, which are based on Digital Signal Processing techniques, include Resonant Recognition Model (RRM), Informational Spectrum Method (ISM) and Continuous Wavelet Transform (CWT). HIV/AIDS and Malaria were engaged in these studies in order to elucidate disease processes; design, assess and compare therapeutic interventions; and develop biomedical devices that would help in assessing efficacies of the therapeutic agents. Unlike clinical approaches, these computerized procedures are known to be labor-, time- and resource-saving. Using these procedures, Norbert invented five computer-assisted biomedical devices. They are Computer-Aided Drug Resistance Calculator (Patent ID: US2015/0370964), Computer-Aided Druggability Detector and Computer-Aided Pharmaco-Investigator. Others are Computer-Aided Drug Potency Decoder and Computer-Aided Vaccine Potency Assessor (InnoCentive Award ID: 9933477). These inventions are intended to assist in identifying appropriate resistance-free medications for ailments, as well as authenticating the potency of medications and vaccines prior to design and development. These studies are envisaged to help ascertain suitability and usability of starter materials in designing and developing therapeutic agents as well as assess pharmacological activities of drugs and plant extracts. As a campaigner for the computerization of biological investigations, Norbert looks forward to establishing a Center for Calculation of Bio-functionalities. This center will provide computer-assisted, bioinformatics-based investigations into any ailment including Cancer, HIV, etc. The center is also envisaged to develop therapeutic interventions for use in the treatment and management of these ailments. In our previous researches, we reported that therapeutic agents are either protein-based, protein-targets or protein-encoded. As a result, these approaches are applicable to all therapeutic agents

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