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Nese Hayat Aksoy

Nese Hayat Aksoy

Nese Hayat Aksoy
Aksaray University, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences Depatment of Biochemistry , Turkey


NeÅŸe Hayat Aksoy completed his master's degree and doctorate at the Faculty of Medicine Biochemistry AD (Institute of Health Sciences). She is still working as a lecturer and researcher at Aksaray University Veterinary Faculty, Biochemistry department. Between 2010 and 2011, she was a post-doctor at the Uppsala University Biomedical Center in Sweden. Her researchs continues on basic biochemistry, enzyme biochemistry, diabetes, antioxidants and nanoparticles.

Research Interest

Biochemistry, Molecular biology Enzymes, Enzyme biochemistry, Enzyme kinetics, Diabetes Antioxidants (&oxidant agents) Molecular Ä°mprinting

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