Journal of Computer Science & Systems Biology

ISSN: 0974-7230

Open Access

Neil Vaughan

Neil Vaughan

Neil Vaughan
Bournemouth University, Faculty of Science & Technology


Dr Neil Vaughan is a post-doctoral researcher in the Faculty of Science & Technology. His research focusses on computer based graphics & visualisation, image processing, intelligent software systems, modelling deformable material. This has applications for medical simulation, additive manufacturing, stereo and haptic interfaces. Magazines have profiled his research throughout 2013 including “The Engineer”, “Politics Today”, “NHS Grapevine.” International awards have been won by his virtual reality medical research, including winning the 2013 IET scholarship, winning IET Innovation Awards 2013 for IT and finalist for UK Patient Safety Awards 2013.  Research include Medical Research Council, Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council, Wellcome Trust, National Institute of Health Research, Obstetric Anaesthesis Association, Fellowships, Clinical trial grants, conference travel grants.

Research Interest

Computer based graphics & visualisation, Image processing, Intelligent Software systems, Modelling deformable material.


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