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Mona Livholts

Mona Livholts

Mona Livholts
Department of Social and Welfare Studies
Linkoping University, Sweden


Mona Livholts, PhD, is Associate Professor at the Department of Social and Welfare Studies at Linköping University, Sweden, Adjunct Associate Professor at the Centre for Social Change, University of South Australia, founder and coordinator of R.A.W., The Network for Reflexive Academic Writing Methodologies. The main focus of her work is emergent writing methodologies, discourse and narrative methods and artistic research processes. Research themes include media narratives of rape, gender and intersectionality, space, memory and technological transformation. She has theorised new forms of literary figuration for the humanities and social sciences such as a ‘thinkingwriting methodology’, ‘untimely academic novella writing’, and ‘situated writing’. Her recent work focuses on glocalisation, social work and methodological re-shaping, addressing social inequality and social justice in academic and public spaces with inspiration from cultural geography, creative writing and art. She has published monographs, co-edited and edited volumes in Swedish and English, including, Emergent Writing Methodologies in Feminist Studies (Routledge), Discourse and Narrative Methods (with Tamboukou 2015) and a trilogy of untimely academic novellas: ‘The Professor’s Chair’, ‘The Snow Angel and Other Imprints’, and ‘Writing Water’

Research Interest

Emergent writing methodologies; artistic research processes, literary figuration; media narratives of rape, gender and intersectionality, globalization and welfare, social work, spatial and methodological transformation

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