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Mohamed L. Ashour

Mohamed L. Ashour

Mohamed L. Ashour
Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacognosy
Ain Shams University, Egypt

Mohamed Lotfy Ashour teaches and conducts his research in Pharmacognosy, Phytotherapy, phytochemistry at Faculty of Pharmacy, Ain Shams University, Egypt. He obtained his PhD degree from Institute of Pharmacy and Molecular Biotechnology, Heidelberg University, Germany. He is the coauthor of 17 international publications (research articles, review articles, book chapters) at Scopus. His main research interest in medicinal plants with special emphasis on isolation, structure elucidation and biological screening of secondary metabolites from plants. Now, application of molecular modelling and multivariate analyses techniques in natural products are the main target of research.
Research Interest

Proficient in the use of various microscopes, sample preparation, dyeing and imaging.
Experienced in analysis of natural products using HPLC and LC/MS techniques
Experienced in essential oil extraction and identification using GC and GC/MS techniques.
Experienced in extraction, isolation and structure elucidation of different secondary metabolites from natural origin.
Experienced in biological screening of different plant extracts and isolated compounds especially as anti-inflammatory and antioxidants.

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