Neurological Disorders

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Milivoj Velickovic Perat

Milivoj Velickovic Perat

Milivoj Velickovic Perat, MD, PhD
Executive Editor
Neuropsychiatrist and Developmental Neurologist Academy of Developmental Medicine


Dr. Milivoj VeliÃ┬äÂ┬ŹkoviÃ┬äâ┬Ç¡ Perat is a Director at Academy of Developmental medicine in Slovenia. Dr. Perat born on June 3, 1937. He was graduated from Ljubljana University Medical School 1963. Specialised in neuro-psychiatry and developmental neurology. Since 1973 he was a member of staff at the University Medical Centre, Paediatric Hospital in Ljubljana.

He was a Professor at Medical Faculty of University of Ljubljana and a Head of the Centre of Developmental Neurology, National Register of at Risk Newborns, and the Cerebral Palsy Centre.
For more than 40 years he has been working on the development of the central nervous system and the early brain damage, especially in the field of cerebral palsy. His post-graduate work was completed with Prof. Heinz Prechtl at the Institute of Developmental Neurology at Groningen University in the Netherlands. After research into possible risk factors in cerebral palsy he received his scientific doctorate (PhD) in 1983.

He has organised several international and national professional conferences, symposia, congresses, workshops, and courses in the field of child and developmental neurology. In his professional field he has published more than 100 books and articles on medicine, particularly on child and developmental neurology.


Research Interest

Neuro-psychiatry, Developmental neurology, Development of the central nervous system and the early brain damage, especially in the field of cerebral palsy. Early detection of brain damage and developmental abnormalities


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