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Michael D. Diamantidis

Michael D. Diamantidis

Michael D. Diamantidis
Consultant Haematologist, General Hospital of Larissa, Greece


Dr. Michael D. Diamantidis (born 28/12/76) received his medical diploma in 2001 (medical faculty, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece), and his specialty as a hematologist in 2012. He finished his MSc in Medical Research Methodology (Excellent, 2006) and his PhD in MDS (Excellent, 2011) (AuTH). Beyond his clinical work, he has strong research interest and 30 publications in international journals (New Engl J Med, Curr Mol Med, Leuk Res). He is expert reviewer for 40 journals (including Br J Haematol - 1st worldwide Reviewer, January 2016 - 25 papers since 2009). He currently serves as an Editorial Board member in the prestigious Leukemia Research. After national scholarship, he conducted post-doctoral research in AML (Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands, group of Prof. Delwel, 2013-2014). Since June 2014, he works as a consultant hematologist (Thalassemia Unit, General Hospital of Larissa, Greece). 

Research Interest

MDS, AML, MPNs, lymphoproliferative disorders, MM and hemoglobinopathies.

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