Industrial Engineering & Management

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MD. Abdul Moktadir

MD. Abdul Moktadir

MD. Abdul Moktadir
University of Dhaka, Institute of Leather Engineering and Technology, Bangladesh


Md. Abdul Moktadir is working as a Lecturer (Part-Time) in Department of Leather Products Engineering at the Institute of Leather Engineering and Technology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He received the Bachelor of Science in Leather Products Engineering from University of Dhaka and the Master of Engineering in Advanced Engineering Management from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). He has published research papers in journals of international repute such as Journal of Cleaner Production, Computers and Industrial Engineering, Industrial Management & Data System, Global Journal of Flexible System Management, Industrial Engineering and Management etc. His research interests are focused around sustainable supply chain management, supply chain risk management, energy efficient supply chain planning and design, operations research, logistics and circular economy.

Research Interest

Supply chain management
Supply chain risk management
Energy efficient supply chain planning and design
Operations research, logistics and circular economy

Recommended Conferences


New York, USA

World Biotechlogy Congress 2020

Barcelona, Spain


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