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Martinez Sarriegui Intildeaki

Martinez Sarriegui Intildeaki

Martinez Sarriegui Intildeaki
Bioengineering and Telemedicine Group, ETSI Telecomunicacion
Ciudad Universitaria Madrid, Spain


In 2005 I finished my studies of Telecommunication Engineering in the Technical University of Madrid. Since 2004 I’m part of the Bioengineering and Telemedicine Group where I did my Final Degree Thesis. My work in the group consists on the application of Informatics and Telecommunication in diabetic patients’ care. I focus on the use of new software technologies, as web videoconferencing, web 2.0 or software agent architectures, in the development of Telemedicine Systems for chronic patients; and the use of mobile technologies to enhance home care of these patients. Currently I’m finishing my PhD in Bioengineering and Telemedicine expecting to finish it in the summer of 2012. I’ve participated in several projects, both from Spanish and European programmes, and I have a wide experience in the field of Telemedicine and Telecommunications. I have also teaching experience supervising several Final Degree Thesis as well as assistant professor of the Telemedicine and Medical Image Labs in the Telecommunication Engineer Degree of the Technical University of Madrid.

Research Interest

His research interests are in the area of Mobile Communications, Patients’ Telecare and Telemonitoring at home care, Videoconferencing, Agent Architectures, Trust and Reputation Techniques and Web Development.

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