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Marija Knezevic-Pogancev

Marija Knezevic-Pogancev

Marija Knezevic-Pogancev
University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Medicine, Serbia


Prof Knezevic-Pogancev Marija is first author of 134 publications. She organized 12 educational courses in field of developmental neurology and epiletpology and two in field of headache and migraine. Prof Knezevic-Pogancev Marija was mentor for three master and three doctor dissertation. She was the only author of three monography in Serbia, and one in Germany, two of them in field of children migraine. She was coauthor of three books. Prof Knezevic-Pogancev Marija was principal investigator in 8 study one of them in children migraine. She is part of republic expert group for rare diseases.

Research Interest

Epilepsy, EEG Diagnosis.

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