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Maria Joao Martins Ferreira Major

Maria Joao Martins Ferreira Major

Maria Joao Martins Ferreira Major
ISCTE Business School
​​​​​​​University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal


Maria Major, Ph.D. (University of Manchester, UK), is an associate professor of Management Accounting at Lisbon University Institute (IUL-ISCTE), Portugal and a researcher at UNIDE/BRU. Her research interests lie in management accounting change both in private and public organisations. Prof. Major has published in academic journals including ‘Management Accounting Research’, ‘The European Accounting Review’, ‘Accounting, Organizations and Society’ and ‘Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal’. She is on the editorial board of ‘Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change’, and before on the board of ‘The European Accounting Review’. She is additionally active in refereeing articles for a number of leading accounting journals. Currently she is conducting a research project on management control in the healthcare sector.

Research Interest

Analysis of management accounting change in public and private organisations informed by institutional theory; case study research methods in management accounting studies; activity-based costing and balanced scorecard; accounting change in health care.

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