Journal of Biomedical Systems & Emerging Technologies

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M. Patrick Siarry

M. Patrick Siarry

M. Patrick Siarry
Cergy-Pontoise University, France


Prof. Patrick Siarry was born on May 28, 1952, in Pertuis. His research area is relatively (since 1982) new “metaheuristic”optimization such as simulated annealing, which are indicated for the so-called problems of “hard optimization” because of their ability to avoid in principle, trapping in sub-optimal solutions. This topic is multidisciplinary in nature, both by the source of the methods studied (physics, biology, ethology). Much of his work is explicitly one or the other keywords – in particular, modeling, identification, learning rule bases (artificial intelligence), control, nondestructive testing and maintaining the biological and medical engineering. 1970 Bachelor C, with honors, 1972 Graduate Mathematics and Special B (physics),1972 Admission on contest at INPG, Ecole Nationale Superieure d\\Electrical Engineers of Grenoble (IEG), Section Engineering Physics 1973 Certificates C1 and C2 of physics research (Univ. des Sciences de Grenoble) 1975 Engineer, Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble (INPG), with honors 1975 “First Certificate in English”, University of Cambridge 1975 Listing on securities in the second year of SUPELEC (Ecole Superieure d\\Electricite), Paris 1977 Engineer, Ecole Supérieure d\\Electricité (SUPELEC), Section Automatics 1986 Ph.D. from the University of Paris 6, specialty electronics, high honors Topic: Simulated annealing method: application to the design of electronic circuits 1994 Habilitation to supervise research from the University of Paris 11, Orsay,1995 Professor, Section 61 of C.N.U. 1999 Professor at University Paris-Est Créteil (UPEC),2010 Professor Grade: Exceptional class (class C.N.U.).

Research Interest

Automatics, Theory and Signal Processing, Electronics, Operational Research, Computers.


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