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Leandro Zuccolotto Crivellenti

Leandro Zuccolotto Crivellenti

Leandro Zuccolotto Crivellenti
Deputy Rector of Research, University of France, Brazil


Veterinary doctor graduated by the Federal University of Uberlandia. Residency in Medical and Surgical Clinic of Small Animals by the University of France. Master degree in Veterinary Medicine by UNESP-Jaboticabal Campus (FAPESP). PhD in Veterinary Medical Clinic at UNESP-Campus Jaboticabal, SP, in conjunction with the Department of Renal Pathology of the University of Sao Paulo at Ribeirao Preto Medical School, and internship and international research with The Ohio State University, Ohio, USA. Postdoctoral fellow in the area of ​​nephrology with the participation of UNESP institutions. He is currently Professor of the Graduate Program in Animal Science at the University of Franca. Acting and experience in Small Animal Clinic and Surgery with emphasis in Nephrology and Urology. Member of the Board of Directors of the Brazilian College of Veterinary Surgery and Anesthesiology and Scientific Director of the Brazilian College of Veterinary Nephrology and Urology. Author of the books Routine Case in Veterinary Medicine of Small Animals, Medical-Veterinary Bulletin Dogs and Cats and the software BoolaVet. Editor-in-Chief of the journal Investigacao and coordinator of the research group in Nephrology and Veterinary Urology accredited by CNPq.

Research Interest

 Nephrology, Urology, Renal pathology, Veterinary surgery and anesthesiology

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