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Kiyoshi Suzuki

Kiyoshi Suzuki

Kiyoshi Suzuki
President, MOA Health Science Foundation, Japan


Kiyoshi Suzuki, MD, PhD is a trained pediatric cardiologist and has published through his career many research articles about heart diseases in children. In 2000, he started to work with MOA Health Science Foundation in Japan, where his interest extended to integrative medicine and whole person care, and he has been President of the same foundation since 2003. He practices an integrative approach in his medical clinic in Tokyo, based on MOA’s health & wellness program consisting of nutrition, art and biofield therapy, designed to promote patients’ physical, mental and spiritual well-being. He is currently working on investigations into integrative medicine for its effectiveness in relation to the prevention/improvement of lifestyle-related diseases. His future research will encompass an international project.

Research Interest

Integrative medicine, biofield therapy, nutrition, art therapy, spiritual well-being, whole person care, cost benefit in health care.

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