Journal of Computer Science & Systems Biology

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Kan Liu

Kan Liu
The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Post-doctoral researcher, School of Biological Sciences, Center for Plant Science Innovation

  • His research mainly focuses on computational systems biology and bioinformatics. My interest covers broad area including genome assembly, RNA-Seq, high-throughput biological data analyses in plant and mammalian cells and many more.
  • His main collaborators of a wide range of projects utilizing high throughput technologies, such as next generation sequencing or microarray analysis, rely on a robust and effective data analysis pipeline to process voluminous data. I also developed novel computational and statistical methods for analysis of massive genome and transcriptome data to systematically investigate the genomic variation and dynamics of RNA regulatory networks. Implemented in-house bioinformatic tools, including next generation sequencing alternative splicing detection, etc.
  • The long-term goal of my research is to elucidate how genomic and environmental variation of RNA regulatory networks impacts phenotypic traits and diseases. I will combine genomic, bioinformatic, molecular, and network approaches to study mRNA processing and post-transcriptional gene regulation in plant and mammalian cells.


Research Interest

 GWAS Mapping QTLs, Genome assembly and genome sequence, Genetic analysis

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