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Ka Tik Cheung

Ka Tik Cheung

Ka Tik Cheung
Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Dr. Ka Tik Cheung is a lecturer in Tung Wah College since 2013. He has completed the doctoral degree in Microbiology and has several years of experience in clinical laboratory. He has also acquired the license to practice which is certified by The Hong Kong Medical Laboratory Board. His research focuses on veterinary infectious disease and antibiotics susceptibility on companion animals. He is also actively involved in zoonotic disease research. He has been exposed to the field of veterinary science and be a member of Hong Kong Veterinary Nursing Association. Dr. Cheung has been invited to be the adjunct Tutor in the Department of Anatomical and Cellular Pathology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong since 2013. He currently provides consulting services to Hong Kong Veterinary Diagnostic Centre, Hong Kong on Molecular Diagnostic technologies.

Research Interest

Zoonotic Diseases,Viral Diseases,Dengue Virus, Veterinary infectious diseases, Antibiotics susceptibility on companion animals

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