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Jorge Fischbarg

Jorge Fischbarg

Jorge Fischbarg
Investigador Superior (CONICET), Département de Biologie
University of Buenos Aires, USA


Jorge Fischbarg present position is . Investigador Superior (CONICET), at ININCA Institute.University Professor, University of Buenos Aires.his destinctions are Consultant to the National Advisory Eye Council's Vision Research Planning Subcommittee, National Institutes of Health, 1974 and 1990. U.S.P.H.S. Research Career Development Award, National Eye Institute, 1975-1980. Fellow Commoner, Churchill College, Cambridge, England, 1976-77. research prizes is Alcon Recognition Award, Alcon Research Institute, Fort Worth, Texas, 1986. Distinguished Investigator Award, Research to Prevent Blindness Foundation, New York, 1991.

Research Interest

Physiology and biophysics of epithelial transport of fluid and electrolytes. Pathways for water passage across cell membranes and ocular epithelia. Structure and function of membrane proteins. Molecular biophysics of glucose transporters. Identification, expression and functional assay of original or site-mutated membrane proteins; determination of cell volume by light scattering; high-resolution fluid movement across and electrophysiology of epithelial layers; prediction and modeling of protein structures; theoretical biophysics; modeling of epithelial transport.

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