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John Koskey Changach

John Koskey Changach

John Koskey Changach
Senior Lecturer, Department of Educational Foundations
Moi University, Eldoret, Kenya


John Koskey Chang’ach is a senior lecturer Department of Educational Foundations, School of Education, Moi University. His career spans both history and history of education. At Moi University he earned an M.A. in history in 2004 and received a Ph.D. in history in 2010. He has published many articles in refereed journals in both history and history of education, among which are several devoted to exploring and articulating issues that affect society. He is author of several books in the same field of study. In the School of Education he has taught the following courses: Introduction to Educational Foundations, Character Education and Integrity, History of Education, Introduction to Educational Foundations, Research Methods in History of Education, Pre-Colonial Education in Africa, Education in Africa, The School and the Nation. In the School of Arts and Social Sciences he has taught the following courses: The Kenyan Historiography, Introduction to World Civilization I, Introduction to World Civilization II, Sources of African History, History of Kenya to 1895, Themes in East African History, History of Middle East Since 1800, Themes in West African History, Introduction to African History Since 1884, Development of Historical Thought upto 1900, Development of Historical Thought Since 1900, History of Science, Issues in African Historiography, and Kenya’s Economy Since 1963. In addition to teaching, Dr. Chang’ach has supervised several postgraduates’ students who have successfully defended their theses. Currently, Dr. Chang’ach is the Head of Department Educational Foundations

Research Interest

Research Methods in History of Education,

 Pre-Colonial Education in Africa

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