Neurological Disorders

ISSN: 2329-6895

Open Access

John K. Grandy

John K. Grandy

John K. Grandy
North Country Urgent Care, Watertown New York, USA


Dr. John K. Grandy worked as a physician assistant for 10 years in primary care, psychiatry, urgent care and internal medicine. He did his master’s degree in neurophysiology. He published chapters and articles in medicine, science, and philosophy: In addition to neurological disorders he did a lot of independent research in consciousness studies. In fact, he recognized and proposed the first neurogenetic account of human consciousness and delineated it into three phases. He had been an invited speaker to several conferences at Harvard University, Las Vegas Nevada, Belgrade University Serbia, Stockholm University Sweden, Imperial College of London, and University of Rome 3.

Research Interest

Alzheimer disease
Consciousness studies
Genetic-linked neurodevelopmental disorders
Addiction and the neurogenetic pathways involving the âËćâÇ FosB transcription factor


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