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IR Burhan Turksan

IR Burhan Turksan

IR Burhan Turksan
Industrial Engineering TOBB ETU - Ch,
Toronto University, Canada


IR Burhan Türksan received the B.S. and M.S. degrees in Industrial Engineering and the Ph.D. degree in Systems Management and Operations Research all from the University of Pittsburgh, PA.
He is a Fellow of IFSA and IEEE, and a member of IIE, CSIE, CORS, IFSA, NAFIPS, APEO, APET, TORS, ACM, etc.
He is the founding President of CSIE. He was Vice-President of IIE, General Conference Chairman for IIE International Conference, and for NAFIPS in 1990. He served as Co-Chairman of IFES91 and Regional Chairman of World Congress on Expert Systems, WCES91, WCES94, WCES96 and WCES98, Director of NATO-ASI87 on Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Co-Director of NATO-ASI96 on Soft Computing and Computational Intelligence. He was General Conference Chairman for Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, IMS 1998, IMS 2001, IMS`2003. He was the President of IFSA during 1997- 2001 and Past President of IFSA, International Fuzzy Systems Association during 2001-2003. Currently, he is the President, CEO and CSO, of IIC, Information Intelligence Corporation

Research Interest

1. Knowledge/Intelligence Discovery 2. Information Systems 3. Data Mining 4. Data Modeling 5. Distributed Information Systems
His current research interests centre on the foundations of fuzzy sets and logics, measurement of membership functions with experts, extraction of membership functions with fuzzy clustering and fuzzy system modeling. His contributions include, in particular, Type 2 fuzzy knowledge representation and reasoning, fuzzy truth tables, fuzzy normal forms, T-formalism which is a modified and restricted Dempster's multi-valued mapping, and system modeling applications for intelligent manufacturing and processes, as well as for management decision support and intelligent control.

Recommended Conferences


New York, USA

World Biotechlogy Congress 2020

Barcelona, Spain


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