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Ilie Vasilev

Ilie Vasilev

Ilie Vasilev
Academy Professor
World Academy of Medical Sciences, Moldova, Republic of


Professor MD, FWAMS, Ilie Vasiliev. Academy Professor of Medicine, The First Vice-President of the World Academy of Medical Sciences, The Chairman of the General Council of the World Academy of Medical Sciences (World Medical Council), The Chairman of the WAMS National Council of Moldova, The Fellow of the Academy,The Member of the WAMS Executive Council, The Member of the WAMS International Scientific Council, The Member of the WAMS Education and Training Board, Senior Executive Board Member of the World Academy of Medical Sciences, Senior Fellow of the World Academy of Medical Sciences, Senior Member of the “Academy Faculty, Executive Senior Board Member of the WAMS' International Medical Research Council! Chief Executive Officer Research Port. Session Chair International Conference on Biotechnology, Biomarkers & Systems Biology, March, 2019. Amsterdam, with the presentation of the keynote information and the Global Summit on Medicine, Pharmacology & Cancer Research wit WAMS Barcelona, Spain 2018, as well  as many other relevant  presentation of biomedical sciences At conferences in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Central Asia and others.

Research Interest

Extracorporeal & intracorporeal methods of Detoxification, Immunomodulation and Energy Resuscitation using the Multiple Organ Support Therapy in context Extracorporeal Life Support Organization & Extracorporeal oxygenation, bio - immunomodulation on the basis of fundamental molecular biology, following intracellular depuration and maintaining the physiological homeostasis of the cellular structures of their membranes and the cell nucleolus



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