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Ibrahim Shawky Abd-Elazem

Ibrahim Shawky Abd-Elazem

Ibrahim Shawky Abd-Elazem
Johns Hopkins University, USA


I have been in the HIV/AIDS field for over twenty three years and in the drug development field for controlling HIV in the last nineteen years at Johns Hopkins Hospital, School of public Health and Johns Hopkins University as a Student, a Postdoctoral Fellow then an Associate Research Scientist. I have discovered two new integrase inhibitors that suppressed HIV-1 replication and protected the infected cells from cytopathic effects. My extensive experience working in human cell culture and different strains of HIV-1 including clinical isolates from HIV-infected patients will serve me well in expanding to work with neural cell culture to control HIV infection in macrophages. My long-term goal of my research is to eradicate latent HIV-1 with different drugs in the macrophages which are potential reservoir for HIV infection and to prevent cytopathic effects and damage to the CNS.

Research Interest

HIV/AIDS, Control of HIV infection by drugs

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