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Hongcai Shang

Hongcai Shang

Hongcai Shang
Tianjin University, Deputy Director, China


Hongcai Shang, Deputy Director of the Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is also Head to the Tianjin Research Center for Evidence-based Medicine and the Tianjin Institute of Clinical Evaluation for TCM. Shang, an expert on clinical evidence translation and methodology research for clinical evaluation of TCM, established the framework of an individualized clinical evaluation method for TCM. His work, highlighting assessment of outcome and effectiveness, paved the way for objective evaluation of traditional Chinese medicine. Shang was active in academia, home and abroad. He joined the “Patient Reported Outcome Method Group” for the Cochrane Collaboration in May 2008, and was a member of the drafting group of CONSORT for TCM. Nationally, Shang is on the coordination committee of the Chinese Clinical Trial Registration and Publishing Collaboration (ChiCTRPC), and is the expert reviewer of a number of influential academic journals.

Research Interest

Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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