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Hassan Soleimani

Hassan Soleimani

Hassan Soleimani
Department of Fundamental  & Applied Sciences
Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia


Dr. Hassan Soleimani has done his PhD in Nanotchnology and Wave Propagation from University Putra Malaysia in 2009. Prsently he is focusing in Nanotechnology, Electromagnetic Properties of Nanoparticles, Theoretical and Numerical Modeling in Electromagnetic Fields, Enhance Oil Recovery, Carbon Nanotubes and Microwave Measurements. I am Expert in optimization Techniques and Finite Element Method to be used in Simulation Microwave Sensors (rectangular Waveguide, probe …) and Electromagnetic Fields. I am experienced Design Microwave Sensor or Radiator and investigate in Distribution Electromagnetic Fields of Antenna. His personal Aspirations are selfless contributions to the education is invaluable. Building young minds with value education towards saving this planet and mankind is vital. Build educated graduates not only the qualified ones. He has relevant experience as Technical Engineer, Ministry of Energy, Tehran, Iran. He was awards and achievements includes Effective Education Delivery Award, UTP Quality Day 2013 Publication( journal and Conference Paper) Award, ,UTP Quality Day 2014 Effective Education Delivery Award, UTP Quality Day 2014

Research Interest

Wave Propagation; Nanotechnology; Hydrocarbon Prediction By Electromagnetic Waves; Enhance Oil Recovery

Recommended Conferences


New York, USA

World Biotechlogy Congress 2020

Barcelona, Spain


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