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Hakan Alagozlu

Hakan Alagozlu

Hakan Alagozlu
Faculty of Medicine
Gazi University, Turkey


Hakan Alagözlü was born in Ankara in 1966. Having graduated from Gazi University Medical School in 1989, he completed the specialty of internal medicine at Internal Diseases Department of Cumhuriyet University Medical Faculty. His subspeciality was on gastroenterology at Gazi University Medical Faculty Gastroenterology Department. After graduated from this department, he worked as the head of Gastroenterology Department of Cumhuriyet University Medical Faculty and held the rank of professorship in 2008. Since October in 2014, he has been working for Medical Park Hospital, Ankara. He was the founder and vice president of the first and the only Probiotic-Prebiotic Association of Turkey established in 2010. Prof. Dr. Hakan Alagözlü has been invited to various conferences. He supervised and completed many doctoral dissertations. He took advanced endoscopy and EUS training in SUNY Downstate Medical Center as an observer. Prof. Dr. Hakan Alagözlü has written a lot of articles in both national and international journals. Prof.Dr. Hakan Alagözlü has taught many courses and delivered oral prensentations during his professional academic life.

Research Interest

Hakan Alagozlu's Research Interest includes research related to Reflux disease, hepatic steatosis (fatty liver), Hepatitis, Cirrhosis, dyspepsia, ulcers, inflammatory bowel diseases(ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease).
His research interests also include research programs dealing with Intestinal polyps, ERCP, Obesity and Nutrition, Probiotics and Prebiotics, Irritable Bowel Syndrome( IBS ).

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