Journal of Bioanalysis & Biomedicine

ISSN: 1948-593X

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Faming Zhang

Faming Zhang

Faming Zhang
President, Crown Bioscience
P.R. China


He has served as Global Head of Drug Discovery and Development Statistics and Information Sciences with the responsibility of managing 7 Information Sciences groups in the field of Systems Biology, Genomics Assay development, Chemoinformatics and Tox/ADME statistics. Prior to the management role he was a senior research scientist at Lilly leading the protein kinase/phosphatase crystal structure platform. He is one of the major contributors of the clinical candidate for cell cycle kinase inhibitors. Dr. Zhang was also pointed as project coordinator of anti-infectious disease target selection team responsible for 14 S pneumoniae drug target selection from gene database to expression and crystallization. Dr. Zhang was the co-inventor of sever patents in the area of kinase inhibitors and novel anti-obesity protein therapeutics. Dr. Zhang received his PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Institute of Biophysics Chinese Academy of Sciences and an MBA degree from Kelly Business School, Indiana University.

Research Interest

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.


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