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Edin Kabil

Edin Kabil

Edin Kabil
Anesthesiologist, Sarajevo University Clinical Cente
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Edin Kabil was born 1979. in Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. After graduating from Sarajevo University Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Kabil has spent one year working as teaching assistant at the Sarajevo University Faculty of Medicine. With the start of Bosnian first private hospital for cardiovascular surgery with the largest number of patients in country, BH Heart Center Tuzla (, he has moved and completed his anesthesiology residency with the experience in various cardiovascular cases and more than 1000 cases individually performed. His professional agreement included various fields beside main cardiovascular surgery like gynecology and oral and maxillofacial surgery anesthesia. In 2015 he has returned back home to start anesthesiology fellowship at Sarajevo University Clinical center, with emphases in clinical investigation. His primary field of interest was intensive care. His clinical focus continued to be anesthesia, eHealth and emerging technology in various fields of applied medicine. He subsequently attended various institutions worldwide like Medical College of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Center of Excellence in Genomic Science-CEGS (Prof. Olivier), Clinical hospital Dubrava Cardiosurgery dept. Zagreb, Croatia (Prof. Husedzinovic), and also Asian and African referent centers (Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Syria). He has participated in various student and young fellow excellent training, and superb clinical care for patients, recognized widely by fellow colleagues and patients itself. As a cardiac anesthesiologist, he has been named by the satisfied patient family in largest Bosnian newspapers «Avaz» individually dedicated advert. He has published many research articles, book chapters and invited reviews on various cardiovascular topics. Dr. Kabil has over 10 years of experience in cardiovascular surgery critical care maintenance, quality improvement, education and research. He has been a member of the University Clinical center Sarajevo Transfusion committee serving as a president deputy, University Clinical center Sarajevo Ethical committee member, member of BIMA - Bosnian Medical Ass., member of Chamber of health professionals Canton of Sarajevo, Partnership for public health, nonprofit health improvement org., member of the Association of Anesthesiologists of Federation of Bosnia – Herzegovina. Currently he is coauthor for two books in process of publishing: •-„Heart and anesthesia“, author: Slavenka Štraus ( •-„Cardiovascular diseases and commodities“, editors: Jasmin ÄÅ’aluk, Daniela Lončar ( and has participated in numerous continuous medical education exams.

Research Interest

Internal Medicine, cardiovascular surgery

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