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Dr.Francisco Torrens

Dr.Francisco Torrens

Dr.Francisco Torrens
Universitat de Valencia, Lecturer, Spain


Francisco Torrens is lecturer in physical chemistry at the Universitat de València. He obtained a PhD in molecular associations in azines and macrocycles from the Universitat de València. Major research projects include development and integration of a computational system for the discovery of active drugs against AIDS, cancer pandemics and other microbial diseases of high social impact, starting an electronic journal of scientific-technological and gender spreading, computational design, chemical obtaining and biological evaluation of new antiprotozoal and anticancer drugs, prediction of the environmental impact of chemical substances using chemobioinformatics tools, discovery of new inhibitors of tyrosinase: computational design, synthesis, characterization and experimental corroboration, search for new antimicrobial agents that inhibit the synthesis of the bacterial cell wall, minimal active domains of proteins of the Bcl 2 family, development and application of quantum chemistry methods and techniques to studies of drugs, analysis of pores of BAX at nanometric scale and study of the in vivo antioxidant capacity of phenolic compounds through QSAR/QSPR modelling: crossing of the blood-brain barrier and interactions with cytochromes and drugs. Francisco Torrens has completed 27 research projects and is the editor-in-chief of many journals.

Research Interest

Theoretical chemistry, Physical chemistry, Mathematical chemistry, Computational chemistry, Molecular modelling, simulation and design, Computer-aided drug design and development, Molecular graphics and representation of molecular properties.


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